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Dr. Eugen Bercovici

1921, Timisoara - 2010, Ingolstadt

Cu durere in suflet scriu aceste cuvinte: In 25 august 2010 a incetat din viata in Germania la Ingolstadt iubitul meu tata, Dr. Eugen Bercovici.

A fost un medic pasionat si dedicat meseriei si pacientilor. Indragit peste tot pentru personalitatea lui luminoasa, pentru cultura, intelepciunea si bunatatea care il caracterizau, tata a fost pentru  mine mereu  o sursa de optimism, de echilibru si putere. Pierderea mea este imensa, chiar daca se poate spune ca a trait o viata lunga, de aproape 89 de ani.

Mama mea, Dr. Lisette Bercovici, care a fost si ea un om de exceptie, s-a stins din viata acum 16 ani la Timisoara. De atunci micul univers al lui tata s-a redus la nepotul lui (fiul meu), Danny  si la mine. Am fost des alaturi de el si in ultimele saptamini a avut satisfactia de a-l vedea pe Danny cu studiile terminate, un tinar educat si un nepot iubitor.

Am depus urna - la dorinta lui tata - in New Jersey, la Marlboro Memorial Cemetery.

Multumesc  tuturor celor care ne-au sprijinit in aceste zile grele, prieteni si familie.

Lidia Adler
As I am writing these words six months have passed since the day that I always dreaded: the day I lost my beloved father… To accept this reality has not become easier, in spite of the time that has elapsed. It is like a heaviness that settles in your soul, a sadness that becomes a part of you.  You learn to live on, but with both your parents gone, life has lost a dimension which never comes back……
Everybody who knew my father was impressed by his wonderful, caring way, his culture, humor, insight, his wisdom and deep humanity…

He had a passion for medicine and was a doctor with very high ethical standards. Wherever I was with him when I was a child, patients of his told me how much good he had done and what a great man he was…Medical books were always all over his room, and even after he retired and came to spend time with us in New Jersey, he often went to Barnes and Noble, the biggest book store in New York that specializes in medical books, and he always came home with a book or two that he avidly perused. He was a pure intellectual, oblivious to the mundane pursuits of the day. 
Dr. Eugen Bercovici
Si Danny si-a exprimat sentimentele si m-am gindit ca tata s-ar fi bucurat sa "il auda".
Trimit o mica poezioara compusa astazi de Danny, in timp ce arde o luminare si ne amintim...
                             "Six months today since you passed away,
                              But I still think about you everyday.
                              I will never be able to measure
                              How you were such a great treasure,
                              I will love you and miss you forever, Grandpa."
Dr. Eugen si Lisette Bercovici
As a young student in medical school he met my mother, Lisette Abramovici, who had come to Timisoara from Braila, a town on the Danube in the eastern part of Romania, to pursue her medical studies after the war.
        They got married in 1950.
I was blessed to have both of them as my parents.  My mother was the most dedicated and loving person I ever met. A capable and hardworking doctor, giving and caring with her family and friends, a wonderful, selfless, genuinely good and warm human being.
She cherished my father and admired his exceptional qualities.
His talents and interests were manifold. He loved languages and I inherited the ease with which he learned and expressed himself in English, French, German, Hungarian and Italian. In his 70-s he was pursuing one of his old interests, for which he hadn’t had time earlier on: he was learning Spanish.
He loved to teach. He loved his books, art, music, poetry and movies. His library was tremendous.  He knew so much about the life of painters, their work, about music, about novelists, actors, about history and philosophy that I often had the feeling that there was no need to look up anything in a dictionary or an encyclopedia. … Just ask dad, he would know it all and tell it like no other. His romantic, sensitive nature always came through, and I loved to listen to him tell stories and recite poems. The impression my father made on people was amazing and it carried through until the end of his life.

For me he was like a ray of sunshine. Everything felt better the moment he smiled at me. As soon as he encouraged me optimism came back and problems became easier and manageable, no matter how hard. His words gave me strength and a positive outlook on life.

The most serene chapter in his life was Danny, my son. As Danny grew, OTI, as he called his grandpa - took him to karate classes, the gym, summer camp. Each December he was here for Danny’s birthday, which had become the highlight of the year for him. The years with us and Danny were his happiest.  The bond between them was always very strong and Danny loved him dearly.
Both Danny and I are grateful for having been blessed with AMA and OTI, the most wonderful parents and grandparents, exceptional human beings who will always live on in our hearts.